Writing Samples

Let's start with a warning: I don't update this portfolio very often. What's worse: A few links are broken now. However, I've left those here because the thumbnails still offer little peeks at my writing career. If you'd like to see more recent published pieces, or to discuss my editing and ghostwriting work, please feel free to drop me a note. 

You can scroll wildly below and take your pick. You'll see I've written for print and online publications, in areas that include mindfulness, the healthcare industry, healthy living, skincare, travel, sports apparel and more, as well as in-depth interviews with pharma execs and lighter pieces about gift shopping or surviving the holidays.

Trending: Wearable Tech

Today, in the space between wearables (like the Fitbit on your wrist) and ingestibles (honestly, they’re not that far away), sits an emerging wearable technical textile market – clothing that can size up what is happening inside the body and wirelessly make use of that information. This is a market rich in innovation and promise, and earlier this year, we surveyed prototypes and partnerships that may soon achieve a crucial paradigm-shift in performance apparel. Who will produce that shift?
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