There are lots of great writers out there, I know. (Maybe you're one of them, but you're short on time so you clicked your way here anyway.) My goal here is to show not only my writing, but the breadth of my experience and its relevance to what you need.

I've been a professional writer for 15 years. I understand purpose and audience and deadlines and house style. I relish passionate debate over the Oxford comma. My writing has voice. I have humor when it's called for and engaging brevity when it's not. I love exploring a topic with a 1750-word article one day and a 140-word tweet the next. 

I write feature articles for local and international print magazines, online lifestyle pieces, web content for large and small businesses. I've led the editorial team for a stunning series of travel guides. I handle social media for big brands who outsource their writing and for individual entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

I'm also personable, reliable, easy to work with and genuinely very proud of the work I do. Have a look below for a quick sampling or hit the menu to the left for more specific examples.

Business Websites

Infinite Universe started with Karen Hendrix, but if you look to her for the story of this brand, she’ll point you outward, to the countless human hands and journeys that cultivated her vision. She’ll point to the tribe of women who encouraged her, the stone cutters who hand polish and finish each stone, the wood artisans who craft each piece with meticulous care, the woman in India whose personal quest inspired the infinity symbol logo. She’ll point to the dear friend whose passing revealed to Karen that while the universe is infinite, lifetimes are not, and it was time to begin her own creative journey . . .