Developmental Editing and Content Editing.
You are writing (or have already written) your blog, article, short story, memoir or novel — but it needs some help. Maybe you're nearly there, or maybe your rough draft is super, super rough. I can work with you to turn your efforts into an impressive, engaging, well-organized, substantive piece of writing, while keeping it YOURS. Your voice, your style, and your intentions do not have to be lost just because you sought help with getting it over the finish line.

Feature Articles and White Papers. 
Combining research, interviews and analysis, I am highly experienced in writing pieces that are lengthy and in-depth — ranging from personality profiles to covering trends in your industry to examinations of complex issues — while keeping readers interested all the way to the end.

You have an idea for a blog, an article, even a book. But you don't have the time or confidence to write it. Let's talk. I can transform your ideas into something you can truly be proud of. This can be as collaborative as you like; you're not cheating by hiring a ghostwriter. You'll have the final say in every aspect of the final piece. I'm just there to make it happen.  

Manuscript/Book Editing. 
This one gets its own page, so please click here for more information about how I might be able to help you polish off your manuscript. (And if you just finished it: well done! That's very exciting!)

Online Pubs and
I can help your business build a strong online presence with a steady stream of high-caliber blogs or social media content. These may be light and funny or serious and thoughtful (or a blend of all), depending on your brand’s voice and needs. A quick note about blog writing: you can probably find a blogger who will write your blogs for fifty bucks a pop — which may be great if you’re prioritizing putting out a blog every day and the content quality is secondary. If you go that route, no judgment from me! It’s a reasonable strategy. It’s just not really what I do. 

Social Media. 
While Facebooking and Tweeting are not my specialty, I've fallen into quite a few fun social media contracts through the years and now happily offer it as a service. It can be hard for a business or individual to produce regular content that people will actually read and click, so if this is a need of yours, let's talk!