Print Publications

Below you'll find PDFs of longer-form writing I've done for several print publications. Writing these required research and interviews with experts in industries including sports and performance apparel, outdoors, health and fitness, leather, business, footwear, the pharmaceutical industry and more. 

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Optimists Only: The Story of Life is Good

Jake is a cartoon with a conscience, and the company he represents aims never to lose sight of that. “Here are our core values,” says Jim Laughlin, director of communications for Life is good, “We strive to have a positive impact on human culture; we promote optimism as a powerful, contagious force for positive change; and we recognize simplicity, humility, and a sense of humor as the central ingredients to our success.”

Trending: Wearable Tech

Today, in the space between wearables (like the Fitbit on your wrist) and ingestibles (honestly, they’re not that far away), sits an emerging wearable technical textile market – clothing that can size up what is happening inside the body and wirelessly make use of that information. This is a market rich in innovation and promise, and earlier this year, we surveyed prototypes and partnerships that may soon achieve a crucial paradigm-shift in performance apparel. Who will produce that shift?

Using Recycled Polyester

If this concept is new to you, you might not be alone. Not everyone realizes that the five empty water bottles in your garbage bin covered, perhaps, with mushy banana peels and sticky muffin wrappers are actually building blocks for a name-brand running top that wicks sweat, combats odor, and looks good. (Equally, anyone who has a garbage bin with five empty water bottles in it might not realize that it’s 2010; he or she needs to start sorting and get a recycling bin.)