A good-looking website is very important, but I'm no expert at that part. I am, however, an expert at making the content valuable, interesting, engaging and readable. I can compose content for existing websites or websites that are still in the planning stages, and I'm happy to work with you or directly with your designer. Contact me for a quick chat about your needs. We'll talk through the size and scope of your website, your voice and style, your intended audience, your time and budget constraints; then, we'll come up with a plan that we're both happy with. 

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Infinite Universe Philosophy

Infinite Universe started with Karen Hendrix, but if you look to her for the story of this brand, she’ll point you outward, to the countless human hands and journeys that cultivated her vision. She’ll point to the tribe of women who encouraged her, the stone cutters who hand polish and finish each stone, the wood artisans who craft each piece with meticulous care, the woman in India whose personal quest inspired the infinity symbol logo.

Vita Bella Travel Guides Website

Vita Bella Travel Guides are for today’s travelers — those of us seeking meaning over indulgence, experiences over checklists, and unexpected encounters that extend beyond the sights and tastes for which a destination is typically known. Every entry is chosen for its ability to inspire such moments; each has inserted itself into the world’s cultural conversation, whether through exceptional talent, a deeply rich history or unbridled creativity.