If you're checking out this page, I'm guessing you recognize that a strong social media presence has become fairly essential to any business plan, yet you don't have time to establish or maintain one. To be effective, you or your company needs to put out fresh, meaningful and engaging posts every day. Talk to me. We'll work together to determine your voice, style and objectives (and, of course, your budget), then I'll take it from there. 

I currently manage the social media accounts for several businesses who are not posted here due to client privacy, but I am happy to discuss additional examples.

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Gifts for Grandkids of all Ages

Grandparents, we know you are out there and you are shopping! Our recent gift giving survey found that grandparents are the new holiday power spenders, with more than 66% of you laying down at least $100 per grandchild throughout the season. But we also know you want to get it right. You want to give gifts that will make your grandchildren’s faces break into huge grins and squeals of delight as they tear the wrapping paper away. You want them to be thrilled and, well, maybe a little impressed.